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Design your own custom kit with our 3D Kit Designer and let your creativity come to life! Our 3D Kit Designers allow you to build and create your entire bespoke kit in just a few easy steps, choosing from a constantly expanding range of designs, garments, colours, styles and sports.

Watch this space for NEW designs, sports and fresh content every week!

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Whatever your game and style you can create a design that is tailored for you by you. Once you have finished building your dream kit why not share your creation with your team mates and with us?! We would love to see your very own Orion kit!

All orders will be completed from the approval of the Orion Teamwear production CAD job sheet. The designs produced through Orion Teamwear's 3D Kit Designer are not production CADs and are intended for visual representation and user creation guidance only.

Please email orion@banner.co.uk for more information.

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